EOLO cRP is Eurins' flagship product: an embedded datalogger for sensor data acquisition, communication with electronic control units, telemetry data transmission, GPS positioning.


The highly prestigious Eurins activity on the automotive market has a leading role in the AdaMo software, developed for the management of the engine test benches in VM Motori.

EURINS combines solid experiences of: 

- engine test bench (diesel, gasoline, natural gas, alternative fuel, hybrid); 

- roller test bench (motor bykes, cars, trucks); 

- measurements and tests in the industrial and "on the field"; 

- systems for both production line and laboratory; 

- solutions distributed even in remote sites; 

- systems for climatic wind tunnel;

- systems for acoustic and vibrational analysis; 

- telemetering and remote-control solutions via radio;

- GSM, SAT; 

- acquisition from both sensors and field buses;

- design and development of "custom" boat systems; 

- GPS / DGPS positioning both local and remote;

- both land and marine applications.