Projects for Companies

EURINS works in contact with all types of industrial companies, so the quality of its systems is not influenced by the size and strategic importance of the applications for which they are made.

EURINS systems can easily integrate into existing hardware and software, or develop autonomously on custom-designed platforms; in both cases an excellent compromise between power and versatility is always achieved.

Finally, the experience in the field and the training of technicians allow EURINS to interact with all sectors of industry, from the design laboratory to the production line up to the testing and validation of the products.

Projects for University

The university curriculum of technicians and the technologies acquired in the industrial field allow EURINS to be a valid interlocutor in the university and research environment.

This knowledge can be combined with the specific skills of researchers to realize valid systems for acquisition and control of experiments.

Moreover, EURINS can boast the partnership of numerous leading companies in the supply of professional hardware, which add their great experience to the guarantee of quality and performance, essential characteristics in systems for scientific research.