Eolo cRP

EOLO cRP is Eurins' flagship product: an embedded datalogger for sensor data acquisition, communication with electronic control units, telemetry data transmission, GPS positioning. 

The EOLO-cRP datalogger stems from the ambitious project of creating an embeddable data acquisition system capable of combining performance, versatility, ease of use and telecommunications capabilities in a single product.

EOLO is proposed as a cutting-edge solution for the automotive market but not only, given its versatile, modular, configurable nature.

The requirements that the EOLO data logger meets in all its forms are:

  • robustness and compact form factor;
  • acquisition and conditioning of signals from various sensors with on board connectivity,
  • hardware modularity,
  • data acquisition on CAN bus.

In its most advanced form EOLO is also able to perform wireless telemetry via GPRS and data acquisition with integrated GPS receiver.

EOLO is intended for use both in headless mode (black box) and in connection with an external monitoring unit.